Benefits of Getting Professional Teeth Whitening

If you are in Minneapolis, MN, and don’t want to take selfies or always hide your grin because of a stained smile, let Dr. Norah Hoverson and Dr. David Uppgaard at Nicollet Mall Dental Arts help you with getting professional dental whitening.

Whitening your teeth is not just about looks alone, but about feeling confident. Here are a few of the reasons why one would decide to whiten their teeth:

  • The natural darkening of teeth over time due to age
  • Even out a smile
  • Teeth that are genetically not bright
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • A brighter smile is less painful than plastic surgery

Some of your in-office whitening treatment options include:

  • A kit was given to you by your dentist
  • A procedure administered by the dentist

Some of these procedures include special lights and warming tools to help the solution lift as much of the stain as possible.

Affordable improvement

Another boon to getting your teeth whitened is that it is relatively affordable. You do not have to spend as much money on teeth whitening as you would on other procedures. The results of tooth whitening, while not uniform to every patient, is pretty reliable when used repeatedly on the same person. This means that every time you get your teeth whitened, you will know exactly they will look.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

Hiding your smile is no longer an option, and change can be good. You can start feeling more confident in your smile. Professional cleanings give a deeper, more thorough brightening than at-home treatment kits. Guidance with a board-certified dentist also means a reduction in any discomfort that happens to arise.

Dr. Uppgaard and Dr. Hoverson can assist you with professional tooth whitening at Nicolett Dental Arts in Minneapolis, MN. You may contact us at (612) 332-1164 to schedule an appointment. See you soon!

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