Dear Dr. Uppgaard,

You won't believe how many people have said to me "what did you do to yourself, you look younger than ever!"  I tell them, I have the most WONDERFUL DENTIST IN THE WORLD!!

THAN YOU SO MUCH! Your work has been quite amazng.

My best regards!


Thank you so much for the beautiful front tooth I now have!  It all happened SO FAST and you were able to take me in with someone else's cancellation!  I AM MOST GRATEFUL!  You are MOST GIFTED!    J.T.

Thank you for all of the excellent dental service you have provided to us.  You are the best, Dr. Uppgaard!   J.V.

My wife and I want to thank you, very much, for your many kindnesses to us, along with your compassion, and concern for my wife's welfare.  I am especially grateful, for you, and your sacrifice of time on your day off, and your courteous and immediate attention given us during our "special events" the first part of September.   N.A.

Thank you all for your wonderful care and outstanding customer service. I truely appreciate your personal touch and "human" approach to dentistry! :) Dr. Uppgaard - you are an artist in your own right!!   S.K.

Now that all of my teeth are filled and in good shape, I wanted to express a word of thanks to you and your staff for the consistently excellent care you've provided me.  Not only have you  given me a good smile, you've given me a reason to do it!  God bless you and all those you serve.  F.B.

Many, many thanks for your kind, considerate care....know of my gratitude for you especially.  S.J.

On behalf of Rice Real Estate Company, and the Medical Arts Building, I would like to acknowlege you with much acclaim on your recent recognition in the Winter/Spring 2005 Twin Cities Consumers' Checkbook magazine of Top Dentists.  May we award you with praise and applaud you enthusiastically.  All of us associated with the Medical Arts Building thank you for your contribution of excellence to the dental profession as well as the pride and honor you preserve at the Medical Arts Building.   Rice Real Estate Company.

I'd like to thank you for the nice work you did on my most recent filling.  I also appreciate your speed in getting back to me and your helpful attitude.  Thanks, too, in general for all your help and expertise.  T.W.

The following was recieved in the middle of one of our dreaded winters
Dear Dr. Uppgaard & Co! 
My gracious me, if there were ever a day I have missed Minneapolis, today would be the day.   The only words I could utter when getting to the office after a cleaning visit at (my new) dentist was, "I miss my dentist in Minneapolis".  I sure do miss my dentist in Minneapolis!  It almost makes me wanna get on a plane once or twice a year and fly up there just to visit your office - and I am very serious about saying that!  Either that or coercing all of you to come here! I always knew from Day One's visit to your office that it was a good thing, but after having been to a dentist her, oh how I missed that personal and professional touch. I missed the jokes. And more. They had all kinds of fancy equipment but just did not have that personal touch. So waht do you say? Wanna come down to Charlotte?  Cost of living isn't much different, though gas is less expensive.  Pansies grow (and bloom!) in winter.  The sun shines.  A little bit of snow closes everything down.  It's warmer (by nearly 50 degrees today). Maybe it's not obvious that somehow I want to express my appreciation for you all, that I truly knew the care received by each of you was the best.  Not wanting to do anything more than what is necessary just because you have the equipment.  Just good ol', down-home dental care. 
So as huge a thank you as I can say,  
THANK YOU !!!!!!!  C.G.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!   This (enclosed) picture would not look half as good without your wonderful work, Dr. Uppgaard!!! S.C.

The following are testimonials from a Living Social Promotion we offered near the end of 2011:

Excellent experience - thanks for making it available. E.J.

Very professional and friendly staff.  Great customer service! B.K.

This is the best dentist in Minneapolis with the best assistants and dental hygienists.  It was really fabulous that they offered a Living Social deal!   C.S.

I'm a full time student without insurance.  I have a hard time finding places I can afford to receive care at.  When Nicollet Mall Dental Arts ran a Living Social deal I bought it not having super high expectations.  I was extremely happy with the care I was given by the dentist and most of the staff. The dental hygienist was kind-of rough on my teeth and gums.  But I would go back because Dr. Uppgaard was very understanding and gave great advice. I suffered from a eating disorder when I was younger; most dentists act like I still have a problem.  He understood where I came from and gave me advice on how to keep my teeth healthy.  I didn't feel talked down to or guilty of not having perfect teeth.  E.

They were great!  I'm so glad I went there. 

Great professional care, and I was really made to feel welcome.  With some "deals" you feel as if you are a second rate customer, but I feel as though I received the best of dental care at Nicollet Mall Dental Arts.  L.C.

Great service.  Very nice people.  D.G.

Everyone was very nice, friendly and helpful.  Lisa just did my cleaning. She's funny and friendly.  She did a very nice job!  L.K.

Friendly, honest dentist, hygienists and receptionist.  I will definately come back.  Q.T.

They were very friendly and this deal was a steal!  I plan to go back to them for all my dental needs.  K.G.

They have a great hygienist who is very thorough.  R.G.

You guys are awesome! M.M.

Amber was very nice over the phone and the appointments were easy to do.  I will recommend this to others. C.B.

Awesome customer service - so friendly.  E.O.

I feel that I got an immense value for my Living Social dollar and may have found a new dentist in the process!  The staff at Nicollet Mall Dental Arts is friendly and flexible.  M.B.

Friendly, thorough, great service.  M.S.

The following was recieved January 4th, 2013:

Dear Dr. Uppgaard,

We are pleased to inform you that you are included in Twin Cities Consumers' Checkbook magazines latest list of top-rated local dentists.  Our ratings draw on our on-going surveys (by mail and electronic communication) of CHECKBOOK and Consumer Reports magazine subscribers and a sample of other consumers.  More than 45,000 Twin Cities area residents were surveyed about their experiances with dental care.

You and your staff should be proud of the high level of care your patients have told us they receive while they are in your office.

Robert Krughoff
President, Twin Cities Consumers' Checkbook.

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